Vaccines Are Dangerous - A Warning To The Global Community

Vaccines Are Dangerous - A Warning To The Global Community
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Monday, January 30, 2012

What Are the Ingredients In A Tetanus Vaccine?

Most tetanus shots are combined with other vaccines.  Each drug company formulates their vaccine differently.  For example, you have: DTaP, DTaP/Hib, DTaP-IPV, and others.  Most people don't know this and have no idea what ingredients are in the particular tetanus vaccine they are given.  With each booster shot they are exposed to different formulations.  Here is a partial list of the ingredients in vaccines that also contain the tetanus vaccine.  I started to include all of the known and suspected adverse reactions linked to each of these ingredients, but the list was way too long.  In the age of Google, anyone can easily look up the dangers of each of these ingredients.  Ask yourself if you really want all of these nightmarish ingredients in your body or that of your child.  Who in their right mind would inject this stuff multiple times into newborn babies?

Aluminum Phosphate
Ammonium Sulfate
Casamino Acid
Aluminum Hydroxide,
Bovine Extract
Polysorbate 80.
Aluminum Potassium Sulfate
Ammonium Sulfate
Lactalbumin Hydrolysate
Monkey Kidney Tissue
Neomycin Sulfate
Polymyxin B
Yeast Protein


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