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Vaccines Are Dangerous - A Warning To The Global Community
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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Why Black People Must Die!


The greatest threat to Black People in America and other parts of the world is the lack of interest in vital information that impacts their health.  Whether it is cancer, diabetes or heart disease, Black people top the charts. Each day many suffer and others die needlessly because they failed to devote a small portion of their time to reading serious material regarding health issues such as vaccines, HIV, cancer, diabetes etc. Young Black teens are obsessed with hip hop, sports and trashy negative books with themes like “My Man Did Me Wrong” or “Sisters Ain’t No Good”.   The vast majority of Black book vendors selling on the streets only sell these types of trashy books.  The older generation is obsessed with church, sports and similar topics, none of which guides them on how to protect their health from the real threats out there.  


It is stunning just how dumb downed the majority of Black people have become.  Let some rapper come to Harlem and there will be a line for blocks with people ready to throw their money away to hear some brainwashed high school drop out yelling and cursing a bunch of nonsense.  Let a brother or sister offer a lecture on curing diabetes naturally, or the dangers of sonograms and mammograms, or why vaccines are unnecessary and harmful, or why HIV is not a sexually transmitted disease, and they will be lucky to get 20 people to show up.  By contrast, Whites, Asians and other ethnic groups are aggressively seeking such information. They have written books on these types of topics; they host forums and other events around the country, and they have formed organizations around these kinds of issues.  The few Black organizations out there dealing with health issues are generally misinformed and are giving our people the absolute wrong information, yet they are hailed as heroes and given awards, funding and plenty of air time in the Black media.  It is utterly disgusting!  Others laugh at us at how stupid and backwards we are in terms of keeping up with critical health information. 

I have talked with brothers and sisters who are holistic practitioners, doctors and scientists and have been trying for years to help inform our people, but with limited success.  Many have reached the point of almost giving up and they confine their efforts to small groups who are willing to listen and learn.

In the information age knowledge is power, and the lack of knowledge is weakness.  Black people are very weak when it comes to health issues.  It is for this reason that it is inevitable that Black people must die!  Unless?

Curtis Cost

Heart Disease and African Americans

African-Americans Have Highest Cancer Rates of All Racial Ethnicities, Yet Feel Less at Risk, Study Finds

The Office of Minority Health


  1. Hetep and Respect Curtis, the words and the pictures paint a dim cultural picture of our ethnic group.

    For me, the most disturbing picture is the last one with the young men showing their underpants like prisoners who have lost their nature or have no belt.

    Our young men can choose to emulate a prisoner or a President, and they choose the prisoner? This indicates that massive Cultural Poisoning has set in. This is the responsibility of the elders and we must correct it.

    The good news is that both of the young men are fit but how healthy are they? There is a difference between fitness and Health. I know many individuals that were fit as youth, when the body is on automatic, and are now very ill as adults.

    To restore AA physical health we must first restore their Cultural Health.

    There are many AA's that are not in this state of cultural dis-ease. It is our task to increase the numbers of Culturally healthy Youth.

    We must go into the churches and help the minsters become Culturally Healthy so that they can impact their flock.

    Culturally Healthy people do not need to be told to listen to positive hiphop or not to waste their time on junk books and invest in their physical health, these things they will do automatically.

    On the one hand, a friend just informed me about a mutual friend that just went blind in both eyes because of lack of investment in his Cultural Health and it's default physical health benefits.

    On the other hand I have other friends that are just starting to learn the medical aspects of Bazi (Real Chinese Astrology).

    Unfortunately you speak the truth and we have a big challenge ahead of us. The First Lady's focus on our youth's physical health with her MOVE Program must be supported. In addition, adults that are not Culturally Literate must become so if they are to teach their children the full range of things they need to know about health.

    In the words of our ancestors, Amen!

  2. Peace Brother Curtis, this is Brother Mackenzey. After reading your article I agree with you 1000%. It is appalling how in 2011 the majority of our Brothers and Sisters still behave like children. Many of them have made a conscious decision that they would rather be entertained than be educated, and for that decision our people are dying. It hurts me to put together a forum, spend time, money, energy and other resources for only 10 people out of a possible 3000 to show up. Curtis you and I both know how frustrating it is trying to reach our people, and I'm sure like me you've probably contemplated on just giving up. We must continue to try to save those among us who are still reachable. We have to come to the conclusion that there are some family members ( Members of our Afrikan family ) who cannot and will not be saved. Let's focus on those people who will listen and build around them, other than that we will continue to frustrate ourselves into an early retirement. There is a lecture by Bro. Ray Hagins entitled "The cause of our Condition". When you get a chance Curtis purchase that DVD, I believe the ancestors are going to give you a message from that lecture. As to " Why Black people must Die ", yes Black people who choose to stay ignorant must Die a premature death that is a law of nature. Our ancient kemetic ancestral proverb says " There are two types of people in the world, Those who seek to live MAAT and those who seek to satisfy their animal passions "

  3. Aunk, Hotep and respect. I could not agree with you more. Cultural health is critical as far as everything else in a person's life, including health issues. How do we reach our people on a mass scale and begin the process of improving cultural health in the community?

  4. Mackenzie: You are a true soldier and your efforts have helped many. We obviously share the same frustrations. I will check out the DVD you recommended.