Vaccines Are Dangerous - A Warning To The Global Community

Vaccines Are Dangerous - A Warning To The Global Community
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Problems With The Flu Vaccine


  1. Hetep and Respect Curtis, your new site is a good start. This video is very important because not only does it explain the problems associated with vaccines but it explains one of the things to do to prevent cold/flu, Vitamin D. I take 15,000 Iu's of D Here is a link

    I was shocked by the graph that shows giving vaccines to children actually causes an increase in child deaths. wow! 70% of docs don't take the shot, and since they read the reports, probably 98% don't give them to their children.

    The vid says no or little flew where it is hot. Do you have any numbers for colds/flu in Africa especially around the equator. How about South America, like Brazil or the Islands?

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  3. Aunk, thanks for your comment. Yes, it is all shocking. This is why for years I have been trying to warn people about vaccines. It is hard to get reliable statistics here much less in poorer countries. I would bet that colds and flu are minimal there given the additional sunlight and therefore more vitamin D.