Vaccines Are Dangerous - A Warning To The Global Community

Vaccines Are Dangerous - A Warning To The Global Community
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Several studies have linked vaccines to both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.  Here are some of those reports. 


Vaccines Found to Cause Diabetes in Children



Supreme Court Shields Vaccine Makers from Lawsuits

The Supreme Court has recently upheld a law which prevents parents from suing drug companies for injuries and deaths caused by vaccines.  The Supreme Court feared that drug companies would be sued out of business and there wouldn't be any more vaccines to save the lives of children.  This ruling exposes two things 1). Vaccines are definitely dangerous and 2). the U.S. Supreme Court is in the back-pocket of the drug companies.  This ruling eliminates the incentive for the drug companies to make sure their vaccines are safe.  Right now, whether the vaccines are safe or not, the drug companies still get paid and they don't have to worry about any lawsuits.  This ruling is an insult to every parent and every American.  Pressure needs to be placed on Congress and the President to force drug company to be held fully responsible for any harm that their vaccines cause especially since school children are being compelled to take these vaccines. 

Heterosexual Transmission of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) in Northern California: Results from a Ten-year Study

This is the explosive study by Dr. Nancy Padian that most people have never heard of.  It is essentially the final nail in the coffin on the myth that HIV is a sexually transmitted disease.  Her study proves once and for all that HIV is not sexually transmitted.  Dr. Padian conducted the largest study ever on sexual transmission of HIV. She tracked 175 couples over a ten year period.  Each couple had one person who was HIV positive and one who was HIV negative.  No drug users were allowed to take part in the study.  This prevented any false positives from occurring as a result of the drugs someone could have been taking. 
The couples were consistently having unprotected sex.  After ten years guess how many of those who were HIV negative ended up becoming HIV positive.  ZERO!!!  There was already compelling evidence that HIV was not sexually transmitted prior to her study, such as the fact that prostitutes were not in the high risk group for HIV infection, nor were lesbian women.  Despite this groundbreaking revelation, the media has kept quiet about it for the most part.  In poor Black neighborhoods they are still peddling fear of sex and handing out free condoms everywhere including churches.  Dr. Padian's findings were discussed at the Harlem AIDS Forum 2. Read this report and share it with others.

How Does The FDA Evaluate Vaccines to Make Sure They Are Safe?

This is the FDA’s official description of how it insures that vaccines are safe.  The flaws in their procedures are obvious. 

1).They rely on the information supplied to them by vaccine manufacturers as opposed to running these clinical trials themselves or having independent laboratories do the trials.  This means that the manufacturers can manipulate the data anyway they want.  With billions of dollars on the line, vaccine manufacturers have a strong incentive to manipulate the data in their favor.

2). Adverse reactions to vaccines can take years to show up. The only way to begin to understand the long-term adverse reactions to vaccines is by monitoring large numbers of people over a period of years. Unfortunately, none of the FDA’s 3 phases require a specific time frame for testing a vaccine’s safety nor do they require a specific number of people who should be a part of safety trials. 

3). Instead of looking for and documenting all adverse reactions, the FDA’s 3 phases allow vaccine manufacturers to look for specific reactions and ignore others.  Phase 1 only looks for “common reactions” in sample sizes as few as 20 people.  What about uncommon reactions?  If someone has a seizure or drops dead after taking a vaccine, a drug company could consider that to be an uncommon reaction and drop it from its report to the FDA.  Phase 2 only looks for local reactions such as redness and swelling around the injection site.  Again, all other reactions could go unreported.  Phase 3 limits its focus to reactions that occur at the rate of 1 per 1,000 instead of simply all reactions regardless of frequency.  Since they don’t test vaccines on hundreds of thousands of people, the numbers they come up with, as far as the frequency of adverse reactions, are only estimates. 

4). The FDA even admits that their 3 phases for a vaccine to be approved are seriously flawed by the fact that they tract vaccine reactions after a vaccine is placed on the market through the VAERS monitoring system.  They also admit that the reports to VAERS only represent a fraction of the total adverse reactions.  Furthermore, no where in the FDA’s 3 phases is there any requirement to test a vaccine’s safety in terms of it’s interactions with all of the other required vaccines.  The FDA’s guidelines for approving vaccines are seriously flawed and this explains why so many people have adverse reactions to vaccines.

Death by Vaccination: The Gates Foundation and the New Eugenics

This article explores the Gates Foundation vaccine program.  The title says it all.

Dr. Diane Harper who worked on the vaccine Gardasil now warns about its dangers and lack of proven effectiveness.  She challenges the wisdom of giving this vaccine to girls as young as 11 years old given the fact that the vaccine only lasts for 5 years.  Dr. Harper warns that the risks from the vaccine are greater than the risks of cervical cancer.


This is the CDC's official recommended schedule of vaccines for infants and children. All of these vaccines and their booster shots are disturbing because each shot exposes a child to more toxins.  It has been estimated that a child who receives all of the recommended vaccines will have been exposed to over 100 different toxins!

This is a list from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) of ingredients placed in vaccines. For those of you who have any doubts about how dangerous vaccines really are, just take a close look at this list.  They include, formaldehyde (which causes cancer), mouse serum and mouse brain culture (yes, mice!), calf skin, chick kidney cells, monkey kidney tissue and dead human babies (they are called human diploid tissue culture).  You can do a Google search on the other ingredients to discover what they are and their side effects. Please share this.

German scientist Dr.Wolfgang Wodarg exposes the fact that the H1N1 Swine Flu shot contains cancer cells from animals.  The implications of this are horrific, because it means that these flu vaccines could later produce cancer in those who took them.  

by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
This may be the single most important report linking vaccines to the outbreak of autism.  It is extensively referenced and it goes into the history of the mercury based preservative – Thimerosal.  Kennedy documents the fact that the dangers of this preservative were known many decades ago.  He shows the flawed studies that were used to justify bringing this product to the market and later deny that it is the cause of autism.  Kennedy also points out the numerous conflicts of interest between those who regulate vaccines and pharmaceutical companies.  After reading this report there will be little doubt in your mind about link between vaccines and autism.